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Electronic development
for trailblazers

Building the products of tomorrow together

You come up with the idea.
I make it a reality.

You are looking for a specialist in electronics. Someone who rises to the challenge. Someone who provides realistic advice and designs and looks for innovative solutions. Someone who will keep going until it works like a charm.

Do you want to enhance an existing product? Or launch an ambitious new concept? Does it require power electronics or analogue electronics?
Let’s sit down and talk.

Anton Driessen

A thorny issue?
Bring it on!

I am Anton Driessen, an expert in electronics. I design, develop and create prototypes for electronic concepts. I have been working in diverse sectors such as the automobile and medical industries for 15 years. I help businesses take new ideas from paper to reality: robust and reliable products that change lives.

You are an expert in your field. I am an expert in electronics. Let’s do amazing things together.

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"First-time right" design

Forget about building one prototype after another —we get it right the first time. This is the defining characteristic of my working method.


Detailed product specifications

A comprehensive specification and certification document contains all the information you need.


15 years of knowledge and experience

As an expert in electronic development, I know how to quickly develop a reliable serial product.


Creative and patentable solutions

I use patents and groundbreaking creative concepts to come up with smart solutions to daunting challenges.

Do you wish to convert, switch or transmit energy?
In that case, you need power electronics.

Power electronics allow you to transform (great) electrical power. They play a crucial role in a wide range of products, from laptop chargers to high-voltage applications.

Do you wish to measure or control something?
In that case, you need analogue electronics.

Analogue electronics allow you to constantly measure and adjust values on a continuous scale. They are known for their high level of accuracy and speed and can be found in a plethora of electronic products .

" Working with Anton was a very pleasant experience. He is extremely competent and was able to put together a functional proof-of-concept system in no time so that we could get to work on measurements and optimisation. " Erwin Kessels
Full professor at the Department of Applied Physics

" Anton excels in the design of solution-oriented systems, has plenty of relevant experience and can effectively provide added value. " Roëll van Druten

" We were very pleased that the functional electronics that Anton provided for the first tests worked exactly as agreed. It was a nice collaboration. "

Harm Eefting
Managing director

" Constructive cooperation. We tackled feasibility issues and made technological choices from a very early stage in the development project of a wirelessly powered neurostimulator. "

Hubert Martens

" We really enjoyed working with ADevelops: very knowledgeable, sensitive to our needs, good at coming up with solutions and with tight planning and deliveries. Thanks to ADevelops, we now have a device that is intrinsically safe for patients because hardware- and software-related hazards have been identified. We are very pleased. "

Frank Simonis

" A very fruitful collaboration resulting in two patents and a prototype that has enabled us to seal the deal with several customers. "

Wouter van Gennip
Commercial Director

New solutions for new ideas

As an expert in electronics, I often work on special, ambitious or challenging projects. I enjoy developing a new product from scratch, especially when it requires a specialised electronic design. These are some products I am proud of.

Getting started with electronic development?

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