Supporting technologies in electronic development

I am an expert in analogue electronics and power electronics. I also have specialist knowledge of the necessary supporting technologies, such as digital electronics, embedded software, cooling and control technology.

Qualifying electronics

Digital electronics

Digital electronics, including logic gates, FPGAs, DSPs and microcontrollers, are the ideal complement to analogue and power electronics. They are very fast, cheap and easy to adapt. The management and control algorithms are often digital, as are the interfaces with (other) systems.

Embedded software

Embedded software is software written for a specific product application. The software is often connected to the electronics and makes it possible to manage and control products, machines and processes automatically.

Soldering PCB under microscope


Proper cooling is required, especially for power electronics working at high voltages. At the product design stage, I analyse the anticipated temperatures and the necessary air, water or two-phase cooling system. From simple cooling systems dealing with dozens of watts to advanced cooling systems for high-voltage applications, I make sure that heat is never the limiting factor.

Control technology

Control technology allows you to manage or control a device based on measured values, either from a control panel (interface) or through an automatic process using embedded software. I run simulations of the circuits to ensure the stability of the system under all circumstances. I then take measurements to check its performance in the real world. Thanks to my ample experience, I can also come up with creative concepts.

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